The Police Data Initiative promotes the use of open data to encourage joint problem solving, innovation, enhanced understanding, and accountability between communities and the law enforcement agencies that serve them.

This site provides a consolidated and interactive listing of open and soon-to-be-opened data sets that more than 130 local law enforcement agencies have identified as important to their communities, and provides critical and timely resources, including technical guidance and best practices, success stories, how-to articles and links to related efforts.

The leaders involved in this community of practice, known as the Police Data Initiative, have taken extraordinary steps to demonstrate transparency and to engage those they serve in a partnership to co-produce public safety and satisfaction, recognizing that both are essential to true community policing.

Photo courtesy: Baltimore City Police Department

The Uniqueness of Shooting Data

At the end of 2017, David Bernstein published an article in The Atlantic on shooting data, or rather the lack thereof. Non-fatal shooting data is often difficult to come by because it is generally lumped-in with other types of assault in national data collections. Bernstein notes:   “Fatal gun violence is often categorized in ways…

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