Use of Force

Use of Force Infographic by Police Foundation

Use of Force Infographic by Police Foundation

The use of force can generally be defined as the means of compelling compliance or overcoming resistance to an officer’s command(s) in order to protect life or property or to take a person into custody. For this reason, some agencies refer to the use of force as “response to resistance.” Types of force can include verbal, physical, chemical, impact, electronic, and firearm. Other definitions of the use of force in law enforcement may differ.

Related Resource: The Police Foundation’s use of force infographic can help in explaining when force occurs, what happens when it occurs, and the legal basis for using force.

The agencies below have released data on the use of force.

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Use of Force Datasets

Name City State Link Title
Name City State Link Title
Austin Police Department Austin TX Response to Resistance
Bedford Police Department Bedford VA Use of Force
Beloit Police Department Beloit WI Use of Force
Bloomington Police Department Bloomington IN Use of Force
Cincinnati Police Department Cincinnati OH Use of Force
Dallas Police Department Dallas TX Response to Resistance
Indianapolis Police Department Indianapolis IN Use of Force
Lincoln Department of Public Safety Lincoln NE Use of Control
New Orleans Police Department New Orleans LA Use of Force
North Bergen Police Department North Bergen NJ Use of Force
Northampton Police Department Northampton MA Use of Force
Norwich Police Department Norwich CT Police Use of Force
Orlando Police Department Orlando FL Response to Resistance
Portland Police Bureau Portland OR Use of Force
Seattle Police Department Seattle WA Use of Force
South Bend Police Department South Bend IN Police Use of Force Incidents
University of Delaware Police Department Newark DE Use of Force
Phoenix Police Department Phoenix AZ Officer Pointed Gun at Person (PGP)
Phoenix Police Department Phoenix AZ Response to Resistance