Hate/Bias Crimes

Hate crimes are criminal offenses that are motivated to some extent by the offender's bias. Unlike traditional criminal offenses that victimize individuals, hate crimes victimize entire groups and are highly traumatic for both individuals and communities. Making hate crime data open can help local communities understand that these crimes are being treated seriously, narrow the reporting gap and diminish other challenges associated with hate crimes, and improve the public’s understanding of hate crimes nationwide. Recognizing this, some police departments have taken the initiative to release open data on hate crimes.

The agencies below have all released data regarding hate and/or bias crimes.

Don't see your agency's data on the list below?

Hate/Bias Crime Datasets

Name City State Link Title
Name City State Link Title
Austin Police Department Austin TX https://goo.gl/uH6qBj Hate Crimes
Beloit Police Department Beloit WI https://goo.gl/bBhZUB Bias/Hate Crimes
Bloomington Police Department Bloomington IN https://goo.gl/Eoid8a Hate Crime
Denver Police Department Denver CO https://goo.gl/2YZ4M3 Hate Crimes
Fayetteville Police Department (AR) Fayetteville AR https://goo.gl/CKQzLQ Hate Crime
Ft Lauderdale Police Department Fort Lauderdale FL https://goo.gl/Vum6Gp Hate Crimes 2015-present
Lincoln Department of Public Safety Lincoln NE https://goo.gl/HcZjxC Hate Crimes
Louisville Metro Police Department Louisville KY https://goo.gl/SL5Hyh Hate Crime
Metropolitan Police Department (DC) Washington https://goo.gl/jDL4Fi Hate Crimes
Miami-Dade Police Department Doral FL https://goo.gl/cL5uki Hate Crime Statistics YTD, 2018
Montgomery County Police Department Gaithersburg MD https://goo.gl/72phHw Hate Crime
Naperville Police Department Naperville IL https://goo.gl/QQyDXh Hate Crime
New Orleans Police Department New Orleans LA https://goo.gl/bb7reX Hate Crime
Northampton Police Department Northampton MA https://goo.gl/Gb2yHH Hate Crimes, 2015-YTD (incident-level data)
Orlando Police Department Orlando FL https://goo.gl/fBsYhD Hate Crime
Owensboro Police Department Owensboro KY https://goo.gl/KjCLz8 Hate Crimes
Portland Police Bureau Portland OR https://goo.gl/LeZm5c Reported Bias Crimes
Sacramento Police Department Sacramento CA https://goo.gl/qZhYBA Biased Motivated/Hate Crime Complaint Statistics
San Diego Police Department San Diego CA https://goo.gl/stiMip Hate Crimes
Seattle Police Department Seattle WA https://goo.gl/jYeJJB Bias Crimes
Springfield Police Department Springfield MO https://goo.gl/hBG4AX Hate Crime Data since 2010
Tampa Police Department Tampa FL https://goo.gl/BFK8Vx Hate Crimes
Tucson Police Department Tucson AZ https://goo.gl/HgXMeK Hate Crime
Vermont State Police Waterbury VT https://goo.gl/Mpd7Rn Hate Crime (Zero incidents)
Wilton Manors Police Department Wilton Manors FL https://goo.gl/QcQ9fT Reported Hate / Bias-related Incidents 2011 - Present