Assaults on Officers

Broadly, assaults on officers may be defined as the assault of duly sworn city, university and college, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement officers. Law enforcement agencies reported to the FBI, which collects national data on assaults on officers, that 50,212 officers were assaulted while performing their duties in 2015. The rate of officer assaults in 2015 was 9.9 per 100 sworn officers (up from 9.0 per 100 in 2014). Generally, however, national data is not well or consistently collected regarding assaults on officers, particularly those that do not involve the use of a weapon that could have caused injuries or those that do not result in injuries to officers. Reporting this data to the FBI is voluntary.

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The agencies below have all released data regarding assaults on officers, which may or may not include all types of assaults and all outcomes (injury, non-injury, death).

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Assaults on Officers Datasets

Name City State Link Title
Name City State Link Title
Bloomington Police Department Bloomington IN Assaults on Officers
Cincinnati Police Department Cincinnati OH Assaults on Officers
Hartford Police Department Hartford CT Assaults on Officers
Lincoln Department of Public Safety Lincoln NE Assaults on Officer
Louisville Metro Police Department Louisville KY Assaults on Officers
Salt Lake City Police Department Salt Lake City UT Assaults on Officers
Tucson Police Department Tucson AZ Assaults on Officers