Agency Workforce/Demographics

Law enforcement agencies have become substantially more diverse over the last 20 years. Many agencies undertake significant efforts to recruit diverse and qualified candidates from within their communities and abroad. Although the number of employees in law enforcement agencies is reported nationally to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program and the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics routinely collects statistical data on law enforcement management and administration, many local agencies are releasing more detailed data regarding the workforce and in some cases, applicants.

The agencies below have each released data on their workforce, including the demographic details of employees and in some cases applicants.

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Agency Workforce/Demographics Datasets

Name City State Link Title
Name City State Link Title
Baltimore Police Department Baltimore MD Employee Demographics
Bloomington Police Department Bloomington IN Employee Demographics
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC Employee Demographics
Danville Police Department Danville VA Employee Characteristics
Fayetteville Police Department Fayetteville NC Employee Demographics
Henderson Police Department Henderson NV Demographics
Indianapolis Police Department Indianapolis IN Employee Characteristics
Little Rock Police Department Little Rock AR Employee Demographics by Title
Little Rock Police Department Little Rock AR Employee Demographics by Assignment
Louisville Metro Police Department Louisville KY Employee Characteristics
Menlo Park Police Department Menlo Park CA Employee Characteristics
Norman Police Department Norman DE Employee Demographics
Northampton Police Department Northampton OK Demographics
Northampton Police Department Northampton MA Employee Race & Ethnicity
Owensboro Police Department Owensboro MA Employee Gender
San Francisco Police Department San Francisco KY Employee Demographics
University of Delaware Police Department Newark CA Employee Characteristics
Town of Wallkill Police Department Wallkill NY Employee Demographics