An important aspect of accountable public service is citizen recourse and the ability for the community to share information regarding any potential mistreatment, including situations that may violate agency policies and procedures and/or local ordinances or law. National law enforcement accreditation standards call for agencies to have a process for collecting complaint information and have a process for making data about the complaints available to the community.

The agencies below have all released data regarding complaints and what some agencies describe as “internal affairs” cases or investigations, which involve investigation of allegations of employee wrongdoing.

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Complaints Datasets

Name City State Link Title
Name City State Link Title
Bloomington Police Department Bloomington IN Nuisance Complaints
Bloomington Police Department Bloomington IN Citizen Complaints
Indianapolis Police Department Indianapolis IN Citizen Complaints
North Bergen Police Department North Bergen NJ Officers Complaints
Philadelphia Police Department Philadelphia PA Citizen Complaints
South Bend Police Department South Bend IN Citizen Complaints
Tacoma Police Department Tacoma WA Complaint Allegations with Findings